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White Turtle

White Turtle

A Prophecy

“The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;”

Song of Solomon 2:12

I have never seen a white turtle before, it reminded me of the prophecies told about the end of the world. Why it did, I am not sure. I don’t usually put much faith in prophecies. However, there is something I have heard for years about world changes, and the world ending in the year 2012. I will tell you what I have heard about it.

On August 16th and 17th 1987, a grand conjunction called the Harmonic Convergence occurs that consists of a number of planets in Leo that trines Jupiter in Aries, and also trines Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. This event initiates a spiritual humanity factor and mother Earth, which restores Mother Earth’s’ identity and spiritual nature as we converge harmonically in a major unification of souls with purpose on this planet.

This Harmonic Conversion presented an opportunity for spiritual people to turn the earth from the disastrous course of abuse humanity had wrought upon it. Had our planet not been turned great polar changes would have devastated earth, and destroyed two-thirds of the people on it.

So millions of spiritual people all around the globe prayed and meditated for two days of the Harmonic Conversion resulting in the planet being turned from the changes it was headed toward.

However, this caused the planet to enter an upgrade cycle from a level three planet to a level five planet. We are in this cycle now.

In the spirit world are levels of spiritual growth or achievement, there are ten levels, with one being the lowest, and ten the highest. Growth is determined by the amount of love you have for yourself and others. Love is a force that holds everything together. The greater you love, the brighter, and larger your conscious energy becomes.

As soon as the Harmonic Convergence was over, and the course of the planet turned, earth was closed to all but level five and above incarnates. So you may have heard of the Indigo Children entering our planet. These children are level five and above, bringing with them greater awareness, love and compassion. The energy frequencies, of the planet, were also increased thereby lowering the threshold between the spiritual and physical worlds allowing more spiritual events to take place. These events like near death experiences, out of body experiences, visions, miracles, and other spiritual events are now becoming more common.

There is a separation taking place. The lines are becoming sharper between those that can return and those that can not. Individuals not reaching a level five spiritual growth during their lifetime here will not be allowed to reincarnate on our planet earth. They will be sent to other planets with lower levels, where they will have the opportunity to grow spiritually, the same opportunity they have now on planet earth. No one will be forgotten, harmed or discarded. All will have as long as they need to gain in spiritual growth.

This separation is not taking place between the believers and non-believers, nor the spiritual and the non-spiritual, neither does religion, nationality, intelligence, wealth, or fame have anything to do with the separation. There is only one criteria. That criteria is love, how much you love yourself and others. Those who love will be put ahead of those who don’t in the spiritual world. So it has always been.

The world changes are taking place now, and will be finished during the year 2012. What could have been a disaster will now be a victory. Our earth will be a kinder, gentler place in which to live after 2012, but be advised that a level five is only half-way to heaven on earth. There is still much work to be done. So don’t pass up any opportunity to commit a random act of kindness. To reach out to those less fortunate than yourself. Develop your ability to love by practicing kindness with everyone you meet. Use the spiritual tools of forgiveness, non-judgment, empathy, and compassion everyday until they become a habit. Whatever you give to others you will receive in return tenfold.

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