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January 2018
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verything is energy, E=mc2. All energy is sentient, conscious. All consciousness is sentient energy. All configurations of consciousness are held together by an attractive force called Love. The sum total of everything, is the Creator, sometimes called God. God is therefore conscious love. God is Love. The tools of consciousness used in creation are thoughts impelled by emotions.

Because God is conscious love, all of God’s creations are conscious love, created in the likeness of God. Everything in the spiritual, and physical planes, are conscious love. The Universe, the earth, and all the parts and elements thereof are conscious. All creation is a holograph. Where the whole contains the parts, and the parts contain the whole. We live within God as God lives within us.

Creation is top-down. First becoming in the spirit world and moving down into the physical world. All things being spiritual first, we are created spiritually, then when our time comes, given the opportunity to incarnate into the physical for further growth.

We are created in the spiritual world as a “spark” of consciousness. Our task is to grow our vernal consciousness into a wise spiritual “Being” capable of helping to expand the perimeters of the spiritual world, pushing back the darkness (void) with light, and co-creating with God as part of the Oneness of all things.

Now if you are reading this you have incarnated into the physical world for further growth. You have free will to choose the path you will follow. You will use the tools of your consciousness, namely your thoughts and emotions.

There are only two paths, but the ramifications of each path number in the trillions. The paths are love and fear. The love path is positive, full of kindness, caring, and compassion. The fear path is negative, full of anxiety, anger, and suffering.

Most walk a bit in both paths, usually favoring one over the other. The physical world is a classroom for learning about using your thoughts and emotions to choose events beneficial to yourself and others. You get feedback in the form of peace and calm for the positive path; worry and turmoil for the negative path.

The idea is to become who you already are, thereby knowing yourself. You are the invisible “I am” consciousness inhabiting a physical body. A spiritual Being having a physical experience. You are also part of the Oneness of all things. This means others are also a part of the Oneness. To harm another is to harm yourself. That is the reason for the golden rule. “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

In order to grow spiritually one must treat others honestly, and kindly all the time. This requires control of thoughts and emotions. Not suppressing them, but understanding them, you can’t fake spiritual growth, just doesn’t work.

Read the master teachers, read self-help books, do affirmations, make friends with others on the spiritual path. But most of all understand you are creating your own reality everyday with your thoughts and emotions. If you don’t like your present reality then change your thoughts and emotions, and wait for your reality to change with them.

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