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December 2017
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The following is a list of Personal Growth Affirmations.

I have found this list most helpful in building confidence and trust. I offer it here as a guide for the reader.

Affirmations are powerful life changers when used daily over a long period of time. They work best when read (or written) twice a day while trying to visualize each affirmation vividly in your mind.

Please feel free to copy (and paste), or print the affirmations for your personal use.

If you want something better to put on the wall, and/or frame go to my picture gallery.

If you want to hear the affirmations and some other self-help audio.


I am a good person. I am loved. I am love.

I am worthy of prosperity.

I am worthy of abundance.

I am worthy of joy. I am worthy of happiness.

I am perfect health. I am perfect order.

I am always successful. I am mentally clear.

I am responsible for my life.

I am responsible for my life only.

I am free to choose the direction of my life.

I am choosing the direction of my life.

I am in control of my life.

I am in control of my life only.

I am blessing everyone and everything in my life.

I am safe and secure.

I am completely safe and secure.

I am forgiven. I am forgiving all others.

I am at peace with myself.

I am at peace with the world.

I am open to all knowledge.

I am letting the knowledge reveal truth.

I am open to all truth. I am open only to truth.

I am living in truth. I am truth.

I am in my perfect career now. I am being myself.

I am open to my perfect loving partner now.

I am open to let my life’s purpose reveal itself to me now.

I am ready to receive my good.

I am courage. I am whole. I am eternal.

I am living in eternity now.

I am living in the present now.

I am loving myself. I am loving all others.

I am providing good in this world.

I am allowing good into all phases of my life.

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