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December 2017
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This blog is mainly about near death experiences. I am talking about “real” near death experiences, and not what you read or hear about in the media. Dr Raymond Moody coined the phase “near death experience” over 30 years ago in one of his research books.

Since that time this phrase has become diluted, and changed into describing things far different than its intended use. It has loss the impact of its original meaning. A better term now would be “death experiences.”

These experiences happen after a person dies physically (absence of heart beat, respiration, brain activity), and before they are resuscitated or sent back to life from the spirit world. During this “dead” time the person is fully aware and experiencing everything around them. They experience being out of their body, and looking down on it. They see/feel a light full of love and knowledge. They talk to “beings in the light” about their physical life and whether they will return to their body or not. They talk to deceased loved ones and sometimes have a “life review.” Then, when they are resuscitated or sent back, their perception of life has changed dramatically.

Upon returning they alter many things about their life and personalities,  some go back to school to become teachers and counselors, some write books and lecture, others serve as volunteers in hospices, they find ways to help others. 

These experiences are being researched by many universities, with most reporting that consciousness does live beyond the death of the body.

This blog will study, discuss, and question these experiences in order to obtain a better understanding of them. I have been studing NDEs since I had one myself (20 years ago), and have a web site for them at aleroy.com.

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There are no guarantees, implied or expressed, as to the accuracy or usefullness of any material offered in this site. Near Death Experiences are personal spiritual events and can not be authenticated by duplication. The material comes to me through the message boards and is assumed to be the true experiences of the author. My writings come from my personal experiences and are solely my views. I am a student of life. I claim no expertise in this field or any other, and hold no academic degrees. The Self-Help pages are included to illustrate spiritual concepts I learned from my Near Death Experiences for those who desire this information. This web site is for information purposes only.

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