Question 27 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Are we really created by our brains, as science teaches?

Answer: No, of course not.

Usually a scientist will say there is no evidence of anything spiritual, or supernatural, so there is no reason to believe in such things, or to believe in a God. What they mean is, there is no evidence of such things when using the scientific methods and doctrines. They ignore the millions of people who have spiritual experiences everyday, saying these personal experiences are anecdotal, and therefor can't be used as evidence. In the world of science, personal experiences are deemed unreliable, mostly mistaken, anecdotal experiences, and therefor excluded as evidence. Lucky for the scientists, because if personal experiences were accepted, they would have to modify most of their theories to include the whole of life. I might add this ban on personal experiences doesn't seem to effect the personal experiences of scientists. Because if it did, then all scientists' personal experiences would be excluded, and then how could there be any science? Better yet, how could there be anything without personal experiences? If someone has a substitute for first-hand, up-close personal experiences, please let the world know what it is and how it works.


We are more than our brains

We are not our brains, body, name, job, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memory, personality, or such. Because all these things can change drastically while we remain the same. Say "I AM." Now say it a few more times, thoughtfully. Is there any doubt of your being, that you exist, that you are the "I AM"? Now just who is that "I AM" that you are?

During your lifetime the cells that make up your body will die and be replaced many times, but you will still be the I AM, the same being you always were, still existing as before your body was replaced. Therefor, you must be something different, or greater, than your body.

As your body changes, so you can change your name, your job, feel different emotions, think different thoughts, change your beliefs, forget things--even to the point of amnesia, change your personality, but you can't change the "I AM" or "being" of your existence. You "still are you." Do you know who the "I AM" of your existence is, who you are? What is your meaning? What is your purpose?

Q. Who are you?

A. ______________.

Remember, you can't answer this question with any of the items listed above, because feelings, name, job, and such can change while who you are can't change.

We know we are not: our bodies, yes, recent research* on near death experiences show that, you the "I AM", will live on after the death of your body. Also we are not a name, job, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memory, personality, or such. Because these can be changed and we still remain the same "I AM" that we were before the change.


The vocabulary of the I AM.

There are many words we use that point to the same phenomenon as "I AM."

Consciousness -- used by all.
Mind -- used by all.
Psyche -- used by science.
Spirit -- used by metaphysicians.
Vitality -- used by spiritualists.
Soul -- used by religionists.
I AM -- used in the Bible.

The list above is not complete, nor can it ever be, and there are subtle differences of meaning in each of the words, as can be expected with any list of words. But the point is, can you define any of these words beyond the concept they represent. Can you define consciousness?

Roger Penrose, eminent physicist and winner of the prestigious Wolf Prize, states in his book "The Emperor's New Mind" that "we don't have a good definition of consciousness because we don't know what it is."

Roger is right, we don't know what consciousness is, yet we make up all kinds of theories about how consciousness works. We just don't know how thoughts, beliefs, logic, and other parts of consciousness come about, interact, and produce the personality of a unique individual.

Consciousness could not have evolved through experience, because there could be no experience without consciousness to experience it. The I AM (you) had to come first in order to organize the experience, thoughts, emotions, etc., into the unique individual personality that you are. You existed before your experiences. Experience doesn't answer the question of who we are. There is a great deal more to us humans than we suspect.

Consciousness is life, and we are that life, which is greater than the physical body. Near death experiences show we will live after physical death because we are connected to all things through a Source of Love. Our strength comes from that Source within us, embracing us, all encompassing, unconditional Love. We are larger, greater, more powerful, and more Loved than we can ever understand.

Seek the Love, find out who you are, do it now.

"I understand now that consciousness is the basis of life, and that life is principally about compassion, empathy and love," Dr. Pim van Lommel, researcher.

*Is There Life After Death?


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