Question 26 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: What is it that transforms the near death experiencer's life so completely?

Answer: It is the transcendental nature of the experience that changes the near death experiencer forever.

It is this transcendental experience that changes the perception, and life of the near death experiencer, even if the experiencer is a skeptic. All skeptics are changed by the experience, some become open-minded about the spiritual world, while most become believers due to their NDE.

While each NDE is unique, most all of them have a transcendental experience. It is basically what I call "opening a connection to the Light within." The Light of God vibrates the Light within man, revealing mankind's spiritual nature. When this happens the mind/spirit expands to assimilate information previously unknown. I believe this to be the same phenomenon as some religions call "enlightenment." Not only does the near death experiencer gain knowledge, but his perspective of knowledge changes, giving the experiencer a totally new outlook on life.

Commonly, the person dies, sees a light, goes to the light, feels unconditional love, feels at One with all things, absorbs a large amount of knowledge, then meets with a being who tells him to return to his body. I realize this is simplified, but serves the purpose of explaining the event. Most people understand the Light to be God, some think the Love is God, while others see a form they say is God. I believe all these perceptions are correct, because God is in all things.

It is the "life changing" nature of this experience that convinces the experiencer, as well as researchers and others, that near death experiences are true spiritual events. I know of no other phenomenon that so completely changes an individual for the better as the NDE does. The changes last forever, they do not diminish with time.

Dr. Tom Wharton, researcher:

"I have trouble believing that the hallucinations of a dying brain can create an experience as life-changing as some that I've heard," Wharton said, referring to the skeptic's view that neurophysiological processes are responsible for the phenomena.

"What impresses me is that the people who have experienced these things seem to have validity, a meaning to their lives, a better outlook," he said. "They are calmer, more positive, more convinced of their purpose. They are comforted and can comfort others."

Many near death experiencers do volunteer hospice work. They have lost their fear of death and work well with people experiencing the last days of their life. There is an organization, The Twilight Brigade, founded and run by near death experiencers to encourage this volunteer work.

Dannion Brinkley, near death experiencer

Spirituality Protects Against End-Of-Life Despair


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