Question 21 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: Why do NDEs cause such profound changes in personality?

Answer: Nearly all near death experiencer's perspectives of life are changed after their NDE. Some more dramatically than others. Careers, spouses, even their economic and social status undergoes transformation. This is due to what was learned, as well as unlearned, during the experience.


The greatest number of people on this planet hold onto some kind of artificial, man-made-up belief system.

These systems are urged upon us by our parents, teachers, and other authority figures. We are taught to believe in the doctrines, procedures, rites and protocols of religions, political structures, scientific disciplines, and/or other organizational structures. Hardly anyone escapes this indoctrination into a belief scenario.

We believe them totally, because we have been throughly programmed: the Bible is the only authority, the scientific method is the only way to gain knowledge about our world, the XYZ political system is the best form of government possible, the ABC medical education is the leading edge system, etc.

However, all these belief systems are closed. By nature, all have expectations, boundaries, rules, and regulations that must be followed, or the believer may be shunned, condemned, or expelled. This keeps the integrity of the system intact. These systems grow out of the survival instinct, the need to bring about a hierarchy of authority to control our lives and endeavors.

Some people are able to change systems, theists become atheists, Communists become Capitalists, or vice versa. Some play parts in several different systems. When in church, pray, when in the lab, conduct experiments. There is a great mix of systems here, and a great deal of posturing.

There are also numerous smaller parts we humans play: wife, husband, son, daughter, student, teacher, employer, employee, etc. Each part requires a different attitude, a specialized approach, so we will be approved by society. Everyone plays many different parts, we get so used to acting, it becomes our nature, we identify ourselves by the parts we play, teacher, student, manager, doctor, nurse, etc. Our real feelings and emotions often remain hidden, or expressed only in private to close friends.

Back to the question:

So, why do NDEs cause such profound changes in personality? Because experiencing the light and love of the Creator instantly removes all need to be anything other than ourselves. Pure truth surrounds the near death experiencer, all knowledge is available for the asking.

It is like an earthquake to one's previous beliefs; shaking, crumbling them to dust. It takes a long time after the experience to rebuilt the shattered beliefs of one's life into a new workable system. It took me about three years before I felt comfortable living in this world after experiencing the other. The meaning of things changed profoundly. I am more interested in learning about truth, instead of making money, more oriented to helping others.

A lot of what NDEers experience can't be translated into words, they are only known as feelings. The most important feeling to me is love has replaced fear. I no longer fear my Creator or the death of my physical body. I know I am loved, and eternal.


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