Question 08 about Near Death Experiences.

Question: I don't think people who have NDEs are dead. Why do they claim to die when they are alive after the experience?

Answer: This one you need to take up with the American Medical Association. Their definition of death, as I understand it, is no brain activity. Many people who have NDEs are connected to EEG machines that are flatlined. There is no brain activity and no heart beat. I believe this constitutes clinical death.

There is also an argument that says the brain continues to function after there is no activity. Mainly from the resuscitation efforts that are being conducted. This argument is questionable and not verifiable.

Remember that some NDEers have been pronounced dead, and the death certificate signed. Some are going to, or are in the morgue, when they revive. The length of time a patient is brain dead varies from a few minutes to several hours in the NDE accounts I have read. In FAQ 05, the patient had been dead for 40 minutes before revival. And brain activity can not account for the new information the patient has when revived, that was not available to him, when he died. Actually the Near Death Experience proves that life continues after death, so no one really dies at all.

The longest time someone has been dead (that I know of) goes to Grigorievich Rodonaia, a Russian, who was killed by the KGB. He was in the morgue for 3 days in cold storage. During the autopsy, he regained consciousness. He has recovered without permanent injury and is now living somewhere in Texas, USA. He also had a extremely long NDE and promised to write a book about it. Don't know if he did or not.


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